here's the thing

(p.s. That's Frida in the background. Coincidentally, Cindy Sherman's parrot's name is also Frida. This parrot is one of the nails in the coffin of the relationship between Cindy Sherman and her then boyfriend. I hope that my Frida doesn't cause the same issues. You wouldn't do that, would you Frida?)


Christopher said...

I don't think it's Frida that will cause the problem. But the lack of closets for your wardrobe is a surefire relationship killer. Also just make sure your boyfriend isn't a surfer and relentlessly videotape your relationship and decide to make a movie about your life together. That's also going to be difficult for the relationship.

Tiffany said...

I'll have to do some more editing. And I'm not famous, so I guess the other part doesn't matter.