i'm not afraid to say that i am an adult, 
and i eat chocolate for breakfast.

exhibit a) nutella on toast
exhibit b) pain au chocolate--do NOT make the mistake
of referring to it as a chocolate croissant.
that's only for when you are in america.

i was raised on coco puffs and oreos,
so i'm basically sticking to familiar territory.

and the object in the third picture fell out of my wallet this morning.
(he has better teeth than i, probably because he wasn't raised on chocolate)
it was nicer than the moths flying out, 
which is what normally happens when i open my wallet.

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Doremy Diatta said...

thanks for the comment, the owl drawing is actually from an urban outfitters catalogue!

great blog, your breakfast looks AMAZING i miss nutella

come by soon,
The Ballon Rouge