a call to chain mail action

*totally unrelated image to what i am about to say, but how cool is a banana tree?
in paris?

I was wondering if someone out there in the world
 would like to start a chain mail with me?

I haven't worked out the details of how to make it keep going, 
but I think it should keep going until the end of the year.
just to have some sort of finishing point.
with the last person sending something to me.
(yeah, i want to get some mail too)

here are the things to include in the package:
-one teabag of your favorite tea 
(totally scabbed this idea from Sandra Juto! but it's so awesome, who doesn't like tea?)
-something unique to your city/town/village/burg
-something you made with your hands
-something that sticks--stickers/postage stamps/chewing gum
-a ticket stub--metro/movie/corner store receipt

the important thing is to keep it small simple and cheap.
and to see fun things from different places in the world.
let me know if you are keen on the idea.

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