never nevers

everyone in my friend's family smells fantastic,
and there are a million different types of chocolate to eat there,
and the cat cuddled me without being bribed.
her mother makes her own foie gras,
and climbing the stairs to the third-floor bedroom seemed like such a luxury.


Love_Again said...

sounds like a dream!

Gemma said...

Actually force feeds the geese?

tomorrow started said...

love your blog, as french expatriate in nyc and old tenant of the 27th rue du dragon, your posts really move me.

Tiffany said...

Gemma, the only animals she was over-feeding was the cat. And I don't think they'll be eating her. But the homemade foie gras thing is pretty common here. It requires using a "bain Marie" (which I just like saying).

And pp-thanks for the kind words-inspiration for a rainy January day.

Tiffany said...

I forgot to say-the whole thing WAS pretty dreamy. And I was gifted soap-perhaps they were trying to welcome me into their good smelling clan.

Gemma said...

Hi Tiffany, sorry but fois gras terrine is prepared in a bains marie. Fois gras is fattened Goose or duck liver, produced by force feeding (,_France.jpg) the bird 6 times what it would usually eat. It is very common in France. I'm not vegetarian, but I draw the line at fois gras.
I do love your blog, but I just had to say, while the rest sounds heavenly, fois gras is not.

Tiffany said...

no, i agree gemma-not my cup of tea either. i just admire that she makes her own, because she takes great pride in it, and while i don't admire the process, it is a cultural phenomenon to me.