tiny oven of love

i feel a little haley joel osmentish these days
as life continues to unravel in a pay it forward kinda way.

best friends:
know your shoe size and buy you awesome stuff at the vide grenier.
give you charcoal pills because they know your belly is funny.
call you by your nickname.

yesterday i spent a little time figuring out how to keep this going.
i made two black bean lasagnas
(whoa garfield)
and three loaves of banana bread
for some friends in need of love.

i endured a small kitchen fire during baking. while chanting
"scary, scary, scary,"
i found my plant mister and put the fire out.
just thought it might be interesting to show what qualifies as a
"kitchen" in paris
(it's basically a closet with a sink in it).


Afton said...

I have been meaning to try the charcoal pills, but haven't seem them in the states. Do you know of anywhere you can get them online? (And the packaging is tops, too!)

Tiffany said...

i haven't had a look around, as thèse were complètely new to me. i am looking forward to finishing them so i can use the tin for tiny treasures.

schorlemädchen said...

oh my you are a good friend..baking banana bread, yum :)
the shoes are super lovley

Tiffany said...

thanks maria! too bad the bread wouldn't do too well in the post :)

Claire * Lola Is Beauty said...

God, I miss Paris.

Ms. Poshlust said...

your blog is so lovely - I heart it so lady.