there's a wall in st germain that always has interesting stuff to look at (right by bar du marché on rue de seine). i wanted ice cream something bad today and waited in line at grom forever. line didn't move so i left. i'm still regretting it.

messages from the tv. i can't believe the programming on normal tv here. last night i watched a program that would have embarrassed me if my grandma had walked in. i mean, that also has something to do with my puritan upbringing.

a nice mosaic i ride by every day and finally photographed.

and nails. it was for the photoshoot last week, but i think i will do it again because i like the feeling of having jellybeans on my fingertips.

fell in love with paris again tonight. went to see minuit à paris with my aussie pal and we both left with giant smiles on our faces. the french audience seemed to like it too, but i wish i understood why they all laughed when gad elmaleh showed up as a private detective. it was fun to know all of the different places it was shot, especially because i thought the fifth was a downer when i lived there, and that no one ever goes to the sixteenth, except me. and how great is the bath robe scene?


Love_Again said...

love the nails. so fun!

Gemma said...

Are you engaged?

Tiffany said...

thanks! i do a weekly girly manicure time. my grandma does the same thing, and i like the tradition.

and gemma, i'm not even close to being engaged. it is my grandma's quinceañera ring.