at the met to see the a. mcqueen exhibition. knocked our socks off, although we did have a moment afterward where we tried to shake the kind of creepy music that follows you through the galleries, and culminates in a hologram of kate moss.

we walked through the ancient greek and roman hall before heading upstairs for the show. there were art students sketching in their notebooks, and i felt a little jealous. the crowd of people makes it feel a bit like herding kittens, but it's so worth it. the gallery setting itself is marvelous.

i pondered taking a few quarters out of the wishing well. after all, i threw in some euro coins, so with the current exchange rate...nevermind.

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Kym said...

i'm almost embarrassed to say that i have yet to go. i admired him so much, and yet. can never bring myself to go. maybe it's the crowd. i want to walk around slowly, and at leisure. maybe one of these mornings.