twenty-one years later, and my grandparents are moving out of their home. i wasn't here to say goodbye to it with all the things that made it home still inside. but grandma still sweeps the carpet in beautiful triangular patterns and wallpaper fades when you weren't even looking. the weird pictures i took before my grandpa turns the keys over tomorrow. i think we'll go for one last swim in the pool in the morning.

i am broken-hearted over many things this summer. things change and i didn't prepare for that. and favorite giant wall art made from my grandpa's matchbook collection being bought by someone at st. vincent de paul is among many ways my heart breaks.


Anonymous said...

Oh, I love these pictures. Did you not know they where moving?
I feel for you, this post is bittersweet.

Tiffany said...

thanks fanny. the move was definitely a surprise. i'm happy i got to be here for the last days.