hi! how are you? (same as above, but this keyboard's question mark actually works.)

i'm at my parent's house right now. my bedroom is now my mom's "office" (ahem, closet extension), but my parents have been extremely kind to store the rest of my life. i'm not actually allowed to move anything, because my dad has a minor fit each time i do, but when he leaves the house i run to a box and start tearing things out of it.

here are some things i have been reunited with today:
an old typewriter that i used to type my notes with in college (i can't believe it either).
my name tag from the days at the esquire (i accidentally triggered the silent alarm once. no one told me not to push the button under the counter. imagine my surprise when the cops showed up in between scooping popcorn and slinging soda pop).
a scarf from jenny (i've been wearing it every day since i unearthed it)
my souvenir spoon collection (l-r: ; kansas; four-way casino, nv; wyoming, san diego, ca; arizona; hollywood)
the name tag from my camp counselor (i thought we would be married by now).

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Token Jewelry said...

Makin' me smile. Happy Monday.