I braved the cold yesterday to see the Diane Arbus exhibition at Jeu de Paume. I saw Revelations a few years ago at the Walker Art Center, and was surprised to see a few images that weren't part of that show. The best part of this expo is the two last rooms that are biographical, with Arbus' journals and cameras on display (the worst part was the billion and one people who, like me, waited until the final days to go). One of the quotes that resonated with me was Arbus saying that she liked to hang out in the gallery and listen to what people said about her photos. I'm glad she wasn't there to hear the Australian in front of me say Diane Arbus' photos "really rock my world". Yikes. After, a stroll along rue de Rivoli, a trip to WH Smith to look at stuff in English, and on to Higuma to eat a steaming bowl of kimchi + noodles.

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