Last week I picnicked with a friend at le Jardin de Luxembourg. We stopped to buy some soda pop before going into the park. I waited outside with my bike and was curious about these platters of sprouts and the man who was enjoying the sun with them in a little slant of light on the sidewalk. I grow sprouts in my kitchen in a little box, so I thought I'd ask him about his sprouts. Turns out his are not for eating, but are grown as part of the celebration of Norooz. He explained to me that they serve as a reminder of life (I've since read this and this, and a little Wikipedia for some more information on the subject of Sabzeh). It was a really special moment to share with a stranger, a stranger from a country with which my country has difficult relations. I don't really know how to articulate my feelings about all that, but I do know that I won't forget him and his sprouts and the way he spoke to me about his tradition.

Also, Maria passed on these sunshine questions and I'm happy to answer them on this beautiful spring day.

favorite color: yellow
favorite animal: fennec
favorite non-alcoholic drink: my grandma's cafezinho
facebook or twitter: I'm learning to use both for business purposes.
getting or giving presents: Giving presents for me is kind of ego-centric. 
favorite flower: mariposa tulips
favorite pattern: rattan pattern  
passion: bicycling and eating good food
favorite number: 13

I'll ask IsabelleJennCatherineGemma, and Claire to share their favorites because I don't think I've ever asked them about their favorite things. x


ashley said...

i really love your blog, it makes me really wish i lived in paris! lucky girl

lola is beauty said...

I'm on it! merci xx