Buena suerte.

Ever since I lived in Denver, I have had a special love for Mexican food. There is even a place in my friend's neighborhood where you can get tortillas piping hot off the production line (kinda like midnight drunk-bagels in Williamsburg, but arguably much better). Luckily, in New York, it was still possible to find a good Mexican (hola la Superior). But moving further north and east of the border has not proven auspicious for my bean and tortilla love. Not to mention I have had to kiss ice-cold Tecate in a can goodbye. Permanently.

So, tonight I set out to make Chicken Tacos from this recipe, minus the taco shell, substituting a tortilla that could give Twinkies a run for their money in terms of shelf-life. This will work for tonight, but I might have to ask Benjamin's sister to import some goods on her way home from Miami. Link

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