Thumbs up Opening Ceremony

It's raining. I changed from Essie's "Mini Shorts" to OPI's "Lincoln Park After Dark" (I have time on my hands, which literally translates to fresh nail polish each week) this weekend. I wore a tank top today but tights on the bottom, which seems to be a winning combination for my broken thermostat.

All this to say, I want these Opening Ceremony boots. Their new website seems to be gently coaxing my inner shopper to want everything on offer. But some questions arise, like, "Will I get my money's worth for these boots?" I have a couple pairs of Opening Ceremony shoes, which I love, but the shoes themselves don't love the hard city life that I live, or walk. So, maybe these will just have to remain permanently on the wish list.

(both images from the Opening Ceremony website, whose new shopping experience is enjoyable).

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