Madame Dame

Last night we watched Les demoiselles de Rochefort, and I can't help but wish that my life was a musical, and my dream was to make it big in Paris. I guess half of my life parallels the film, minus color-coordinated outfits and perfect hair. Oh, and the mariner boyfriend...but mine knows all the songs by heart. Which is way cute. Some things I've missed for the past 28 years:

Incredible styling--blue wallpaper, chiffon and faux fur robe, mauve velvet canapé.

Gold and silver lamé outfits that put American Apparel to shame.

Everything is perfectly silly, including this breakup scene.

And Gene Kelly singing in French. Too cute for words.

And the heart-breakingly beautiful Dorléac and Deneuve.

(the screen shots are a bit blurry, because you know, they were dancing)


drager said...

Tiffany said...

you're really good at finding good stuff. thanks d.

Kristen said...

Oh Gene Kelly. Be still my heart. Not only is he macho, but he can tap dance too. <3

Kristen said...

I love it ALL!! The clothes, the hair, the shiny gloves. Yes Please! The third pic down is my favorite. I need make a bow like that.