I wanna be your old lady

The show Sons of Anarchy snuck under my radar when I was living in the US. Somehow, France has the power of making things that are less popular in the US, totally awesome. Recent example: SoA (did I just refer to it in ancronym form?). I might be off-base, there could be a die-hard fan base in the US that I just don't know about. In any case, I thought I would ready myself, should I return to the states, and land in say, I dunno, Charming, California (hey,hey, hey, it's real)

Behold, Sons of Anarchy inspired art. The SoA French site is not to be missed. Trust me.

And the jewelry I definitely need:

Handy lighter holder because, like the French, the SoA like their cigs.

I have never been a fighter, but I think this ring might help me win in a scruffle.

Since I don't have any tattoos, this snake/crystal combo could up my cred.

So basically Bona Drag has my number for all things tougher than I actually am. The Onward into the Future and Pamela Love jewels are the stuff my old lady dreams are made of.

Carly knows how I feel.

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