Furry Inspiration

My granma has a closet that never ends. Like the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe style. Each time I visit she has a few more little crumbs that she drops to keep me coming back each year. Last year I was robbed. It was devastating in many ways. One of those ways was the loss of so many of my granma's collection. One thing that remained, strangely because I was only holding on to it because it belonged to my granpa, is a leather hood. The kind of hood that zips on to your jacket. It's actually quite useless on its own. But I can't part with it.

I saw this lovely portrait of Maya's on Turned Out, and a little light bulb went off. There is a way to make this hood into something more than what my cat sleeps on in my closet. I think this fur collar is a coat inside her coat or something, but it just might work.

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