I capital-L-love this Polaroid series by Carlo Van de Roer. A Polaroid aura camera? It sounds very invention-conventiony (that was what my school called the science fair, to which I wore a tie with my favorite denim shirt. I have photographic evidence of this. My project, by the by, investigated which cereal got the soggiest. I digress, but this is just to explain why today I am not a scientist.).

These portraits of Miranda July and Terence Koh are top. I could have guessed without an aura camera that Miranda July would be violet.

(discovered here)


Gemma said...

Which cereal did get the soggiest?
I'd love to have my photo taken with one of these cameras. See what colour I am inside.

Tiffany said...

Uhhh, I can't remember what the scientific outcome was! Personal experience: Frosted Flakes (Frosties outside the US).