paris on wheels

(first photo gratuitously reposted)

The weather is nice.  Now I don't ride my bike And Paris is giving me little high fives to remind me how fun it is on wheels.  But there's a few things that need to happen (I will speak in the active voice and say "that I need to do") to make my bike happy too.

Bike repair to-do list:

1. Repair brake.  This tops the list because I ran into a pieton on Friday night.  Not on purpose, but after it happened I felt righteous anger because he was being drunk in the street.
2. Remove link from chain.  I can't count how many times it has jumped off when I ride over the pavé. And if I had a euro for every time someone tells me my chain sags...well, yeah I'd have some money.
3. New saddle.  One morning I woke up, and my beautiful white perforated leather saddle had been transformed into the piece of crap that's on my bike now.  Which is neither white, nor perforated. Discuss. (thanks dad!)


drager said...

trade you some granola for a fixed brake and removed chain link. that's a funny place to park your bike, on the side of a building. wild.

Tiffany said...


Kempt said...

Check out Brooks saddles. You really can't beat them - you buy one for life, and they mold to you! Beautiful. xo