piles and piles

i had begun to put my life into piles once again.

cookbooks, french grammar books, sticker paper.
and more clothing than i want to talk about.
the necessities for the moveable life i live.

but then i found out that i have my little corner in paris for a month longer.
i couldn't be happier.


anneemall said...

Nice photos, I like the shirts. The recipes from this muffin book are awesome, aren't they? Rose Bakery is nice too.

Tiffany said...

thanks! and i think i could live on the muffins from this cookbook.

Ella said...

this is an absolutely wonderful post :)

danica said...

i picked out the rose bakery cookbook too from your books - it's definitely a favourite of mine. i like your piles :)

Tiffany said...

man, rose bakery is a winner. oh, aspirations of greatness.