i took the ligne 6 to the 15éme 
and was reminded of above ground 
subway trips into the heart of brooklyn.
except this is paris and there is no giant 
kentile floors sign to pass on the way to coney island.
 (maybe all this to say i miss new york?)
(and maybe i'll just say the eiffel tower is a little different than the kentile sign?)

beautiful dresses in a beautiful place.
some of the dresses had obviously been worn,
making them even more intriguing.

there is a brief bio in english about madame grès here.
and i would love to have the exhibiton catalogue.

(first five photos are mine, exhibiton poster here, and portrait here)


Claire * Lola Is Beauty said...

Oh GOD, I'm swooning. I have to get to Paris to see this.

dulci said...

wow - the draping is gorgeous!!

Tiffany said...

it's pretty much a must-see!

and i forgot to mention that this type of pleat was actually named for her (le pli Grès)!