right down the street from my auntie's house is the home and studio of frank lloyd wright. i toured the place and was disappointed by their rules: no pictures and no touching.  here are pictures from the exterior, including the ginkgo tree that wright brought back from japan. when he planted it, it was only four inches in diameter. i made some notes about the stencils in the master bedroom designed by louis sullivan. the house is pretty special, with rooms designed to children's proportions, and a piano built into one side of a wall.

i also read about wright on wikipedia after the tour guide told us some factoids about his less attractive qualities.

after, i rode my bike around the neighborhood to scout other wright-designed homes and came across a man excavating treasures from an enormous home. he saw me eye-balling the shoes and said, "fyi, those are a size 7 to 7.5". i was already trying to figure out how to attach them to my bicycle.

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