V.O(version originale) movies are not super difficult to find in Paris. With different screenings, at each theater, daily, odds are in fact, pretty good. And my neighborhood is crawling with great theaters with names like Accattone, Action Ecoles, and Champo that make going to the movies a very exciting event (movie popcorn in France however, leaves something to be desired) Last night I saw One Plus One a Godard film that is kind of about the Rolling Stones.

Some things that stood out were: Mick's hair, pirate shirts, red boots, and a strange man in an orange vest.

I remember laughing when I read on Kate's blog that she had taken a picture of Nicole Richie to her stylist. After seeing Mick Jagger's hair in the movie, I did a little search for some of his hair highlights. There are many. And I finally know how my next haircut is going to go. Pirate shirts are on the list too.


Kate said...

you will be my hero if you bring in a photo of Mick for a haircut!

Tiffany said...

He was just so darn pretty. I was worried at first about idealizing a man's hair, but you have reaffirmed my convictions!

east side bride said...

don't tell anyone, but I once referenced KEITH RICHARDS while sitting in the salon chair.